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The Seed of the Devil

Juicy Nami was stranded on a strange island. It's deserted, and there is just one personon it and that is a man dressed in bizarre clothing. The man was awestruck by Nami after a couple of minutes. The girl obeys all of the instructions of him. The blonde is first stripped and shows off her beautiful body. After that, she sits down to suck the fat dude. The dude kisses Nami in the sand, and then he finishes her off with a big load of cum. What is your favorite over the others?

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Marge Erotic Fantasies

Margie imagines Margie being fucked by a big dick before getting him to spank her huge tits. She loves sucking cock and smacking her boyfriend but he’s rarely ready for it, and often she just wants to fuck her between the tits. Margie likes to have her tits massaged, and she keeps trying to get a big cock in her mouth. But this time she just can’t eat it because her throat hurts, and the cock falls from her mouth. If her husband was a man with a big cock, then she would love to suck the cock and lick it.

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[Jay-Marvel] Incestibles

This comic reveals intimate moments from a renowned family. Helen, Dash, and Violet reside together, securing the truth from everyone else. This is known as incest. Dash will be Fucking Violet with tight chocolate eyes, and then ripping her thigh in two. Helen and Violet who are both bisexuals are fucked as two bisexual liars. Dash then joins them for a group sex date at home. Let's check it out immediately.

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Ero Costume play Vol. 31

How do you think – can Erza Scarlet to have an amazing sexy time without taking off her bikini swimsuit completely? Yes, it is possible! To prove that you're all set to check out this hilarious hentai comics that step-by-step guide you through the process of the ways Erza can be touched and squeezed, groped or titty-fucked, sideways fucked, doggystle fucked and cummed on for a several times!

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Mouth’s Picture book -Featuring Lucy

A girl who is busty known as Lucy is a lover of sex. And especially she likes to blow-dry. Lucy invites a friend to join her and starts to lick the fat dick. She continues to lick him up and down while helping herself with her hands. Then, she puts the dick in her mouth and suckers it with a lot of force. As the dick becomes hard Lucy sits on it and rides it like crazy. She won’t be as modest next time.

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[PURPLE HAZE] EroCos Vol. 33 (Fairy Tail) [English]

This comic parody by Hentai feature Lucy Heartfillia with her blond hair, big boobs, as well as a pretty pink bikiniswimming suit. Then again, it’s not really a comics since even though there will be some dialogs there is no real background story and pretty most of all Lucy will do isto make fun of and fuck a lucky dude’s big hard cock, making him be a hunk for a few times!

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Picture Book of the Mouth 36 -Lucy Lucy- Mouth is Lover

Meeting two Lucy characters at the same time?! It can get confused anyone and even Natsu Dragneel is not exception! And even if you think that you have solved this puzzle simply by picking one of them as more naughty version of the other then the following events are going to argue with this point of view since Lucy is always hungry for big hard cock no matter the forms!

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Witch Bitch Bevy Vol. 3

Even though all the texts and dialogs in this parody comics are in japanese it’s main idea is still quite obvious – Lucy Heartfillia from “Fairy Tail” series is so hot that no matter where or when she will go it will always end up with her getting fucked rough and hard! So even if you don’t know the language you still should check this one to enjoy great sex scenes starring Lucy!

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Chichikko Bitch 5

Lucy Heartfillia, the sweet blonde character from “Fairy Tail”, is always so happy and full of joy. Can you imagine how many times she’s had to have her perfect body shape with her clothes cut off, and her fuckholes fucked deep and rough during a day? It’s true however you can count it while reading this comic parody about a day in the life of a hentai.

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[DMAYaichi] Fairy Tail H Quest Ch. 5 (Fairy Tail)

Black and white comic with a beautiful woman who decided to be a bit naughty. He was handsome and she went to the bar. They started drinking and dance. Then , they entered the roomand started kissing. The girl dresses up and seduces the man. After that, they start to flirt.

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