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Picture Book of the Mouth 36 -Lucy Lucy- Mouth is Lover

Meeting two Lucy characters at the same time?! It can get confused anyone and even Natsu Dragneel is not exception! And even if you think that you have solved this puzzle simply by picking one of them as more naughty version of the other then the following events are going to argue with this point of view since Lucy is always hungry for big hard cock no matter the forms!

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[DMAYaichi] Fairy Tail H Quest Ch. 5 (Fairy Tail)

Black and white comic with a beautiful woman who decided to be a bit naughty. He was handsome and she went to the bar. They started drinking and dance. Then , they entered the roomand started kissing. The girl dresses up and seduces the man. After that, they start to flirt.

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[DirtyEro] Peach (Super Mario Brothers)

Princess Peach enjoys wild sexual activity. However, she is particularly fond of titsjobs. Peaches is a master in this particular area. In this vibrant video, you’ll discover how Princess Peach uses her large watermelon to please a strange man with a big heart. Peaches are squeezed onto her huge cock and begins shifting them upwards and downwards. The guy gets excited andafter a couple of minutes, splashes the peaches with lots of sticky Sperm. Enjoy.

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Epic Adventures

The epic adventure of two young Draenei who travelled via boat across the globe tofind work ina brothel. The beautiful ladies in these busts look attractive. However, there was a Blood Elf on the boat, who had drugged the wine. One of the Draenei began experiencing hallucinations. The elf seized the opportunity to sexually assault the beautiful busty. Let’s look over the comic and see how the story ended.

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Nemesis Bellerophon STFW 13

Depraved 3D comic that is based on the TV series Star Trek. You will see how the spaceship travels around the universeand completes missions. It also boasts plenty of sexual sex. It’s easy to see how the assistant captain on the starship and the hot blondeon the medical team are in sex. Two members of an extraterrestrial race have been involved in sex with lesbians. Are you up for an adventure? Let’s start.

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[Mongo Bongo] Sith rapes Imperial agent

A devilish Sith took on a secret Imperial agent. The Sith have the details they require from this beautiful blonde. The Sith started the fight but the girl is not likely to win. The Sith utilizes a telekinet and knocks out the weapon of the girl. The Sith transports the girl to an interrogation area. He starts to tear off the girl’s clothing to ensure that she is sexually assaulted. There is a huge selection of all types of sexual devices and the fun starts right away.

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[Merkonig] Wenching 4 Mirajane(censored)

The series of hentai-themed comicses that turns popular anime heroines into extra curvy and extra slutty wenches goes on and in this episode you will be able to see the talents of beautiful Mirajane Strauss of the “Fairy Tail” series! The best thing is that she will not be shy and will show you her very opposite! Are you interested enough?

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[amata x 96 (Kunozuki Yuya)] Trick Wonder (Fairy Tail) [English]

The trick-or-treating visit on this year’s Halloween goes completely wierd when instead of trying to seduce busty blonde Lucy Heartfillia both main male characters Natsu and Gray will… show their romantic interests in each other! So if you always wanted to see these two guys to go somewhere yaoi then this halloween themed special comics parody is your best chance!

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Erza-san wo Choukyou Shite mita

This is a black and white BDSM comic is where you will learn the story of the childhood and education of a beautiful beauty known as Erza. To begin with, she was brought to an old mansion. The girl wasthen changed into a uniform of a maid. The Black Lord then instructed Erza to obey. He put the girl on her kneesand began to slap her with a a leather whip on her buttocks that are round. Hrza grumbles in pain, but is silent. Every day Erza will be slapped in order to demonstrate respect and discipline. Let’s start.

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