Hentai Mes Parrain Son Magic

Hentai Mes Parrain Son Magic

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Mes Parrains Sont Magiques Vicky Porno

Mes Parrains Sont Magiques Vicky Porno

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Mes Parrains Sont Magiques Sex Nude

Mes Parrains Sont Magiques Sex Nude

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Mes Parrains Sont Magique Version Xxx

Mes Parrains Sont Magique Version Xxx

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Fairly Odd Parents Nude

Fairly Odd Parents Nude

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The Anti Reunion Chapter 5

Yay, update! Havent done this
one in a long time now, it was floating around in my head but never
thought about typing it until now. Oh and as for your guesses on who
was on the phone, one of them got it right. You know who you are. So
heres the next chapter.

Chapter 5: The Bad Scenarios and
the Visitor

For the next few days after the
phone call, Anti Cosmo and Foop have watched Anti Wanda carefully. It
was driving them crazy trying to figure out what Anti Wanda was going
to do to them. But so far there was nothing out of the ordinary. Anti
Cosmo and Foop have tried again and again to coax it out of her, but
she would just smile and say, Ill never tell. After a long
day, Anti Cosmo plopped on his bed.

Anti Wanda seems awfully happy at
the moment, what do you think shell do to us?

I dont know, but it must be
something horrid like possibly

(Bad Scenario number 1)

Yall gonna scrub the toilets!
ordered Anti Wanda.

Its just toilets how bad
canMY WORD! yelped Anti Cosmo, looking at how disgusting the
toilets were. Foop cringed at the smell of the toilets.

Lets get this over with, wait
you havent given us anything to clean with. noticed Anti Cosmo.
Anti Wanda smiled her terrible grin.

Youre not going to use any
gear, yall gonna use your bare hands! The boys looked at the
toilets on more time before fainting.

(Bad scenario number 2)

Thats it boys, massage my
feet! said Anti Wanda. Anti Cosmo and Foop shuddered at the sight
of her disgusting toe fungus.

(Bad scenario number 3)

Hello kids, my names Bebo the
clown! Are you ready to have some fun with me? asked the blue

(End bad scenarios)

Both Anti Cosmo and Foop screamed.
The doorbell rang. They screamed even more.

This is it, it was nice knowing
you! said Anti Cosmo. Anti Wanda went to the door smiling.

That must be her! she
exclaimed, as she opened the door. Anti Cosmo and Foop watched in
horror as the door opened and at the door was a girl with about 12

Heres your pizzas mam.
she said, holding them up. Anti Wanda took them.

Thanks Anti Stacy. Just put it on
my husbands bill. Anti Stacy nodded and went on her way. When
Anti Wanda closed the door, she saw her husband and sons mouth
open, seemingly in shock. Either this wasnt their punishment, or
Anti Wanda was more of a twit than they thought.

Whats the matter with you
two? she asked.

But, we thought, you said,
began Foop. Anti Wanda laughed.

I already did something horrible
to yous two. She saw the confused faces and continued. For the
last 4 days I watched yall get eaten alive by your own fear. And
everybody knows thats the best kind of revenge you get on your
husband and son.

Pure, began Anti Cosmo.

And absolute, said Foop.

Brilliance. they both ended
together. Anti Wanda blushed.

Aw shucks it was nothin, and
to celebrate, I got all this pizza for yall. Oh, and somebody very
special is going to be joining us tonight.

Someone special? Who could that
be? wondered Foop. Anti Wanda grinned and opened the front door.
There stood at the doorway now was (Drum roll please!)

Anti Mama Cosma. Anti Cosmo was

Mumsy? The woman stepped into
the castle.

Anti Wanda, darling! she said
and embraced the female Anti Fairy. Hows my favorite Anti
daughter in law? And oh look, youve grown up so much! She
looked at Foop in astonishment.

And you must be my Anti
grandson! she detached herself from Anti Wanda to hug Foop.

Dont you dare touch me. the
youngest Anti Fairy growled. Anti Mama Cosma ignored the child and
gave him a rib crushing hug anyway.

Anti Wandas told me so much
about you! By the way, whats your name little guy?

Choking, not breathing! gasped

Choking, not breathing? What a
weird name.

His names Foop. said Anti

She turned her attention to Anti

Oh. was the only word she had
for her only son.

I love you too. grumbled Anti

I can see youre still withmy
son. That is, if you can call him one. Anti Wanda darling, have you
ever considered a divorce?

Why are you here? growled the
son of Anti Mama Cosma.

Sweet Anti Wanda told me all
about your bonding problem with your son and I help to intend fix
it. explained Anti Mama Cosma. She turned to Anti Wanda. He
always didnt communicate with his family well, why he had the same
problem bonding with his father. The only person who he actually
liked was his great grandfather. Anti Cosmo turned around to face his

And for a good reason too. Great
grandfather was the only one who understood me. Anti Mama Cosma
glared at her son.

Yes, well now I can see why
youre so smart. Anyway, I know a way to solve Anti Cosmos and
Foops problem. Well have an Anti Reunion!

Absolutely not, the Anti Cosma
family has been scattered across the universe for centuries and
thats how Id like it to stay that way. said Anti Cosmo.

Oh Foop and Anti Wanda lets go
and plan for this special reunion. said Anti Mama Cosma. Anti
Wanda followed the woman into the other room, but Foop looked at Anti
Cosmo curiously.

Father, why do you hate your
mother so much?

I dont hate her, she hates me!
Everything I do is wrong in her eyes. To her, Im an embarrassment
to the family. And now the entire Anti Cosma family coming over for a
reunion is bound to be trouble and not the trouble I like.

Do you like? Any suggestions to

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Godparent Chapter 3

Disclaimer: I dont own Fairly OddParents.

Author’s Note: Concrit welcomed. If anyone is out of character, please tell me.

Chapter 3: Grant the Wishes Youd Rather Not

The Pixies began the first stage of their plan. They PINGed into unbusinessman-like outfits and appeared in the homes of miserable, godparent-less kids. They knew that most kids wouldnt be eager to have businessman as godparents.

Tootie looked on shock as a floating man PiNGed into her room.

Who are you?

Im Bill, said the man monotonously, Your Pixie godparent.

Tootie wondered why his voice was so monotonous. Did he not want to be her godparent?

Whats a Pixie?

A Pixie is a wish-granting magical creature with a naturally monotonous voice, said Bill, I can be your godparent if you just sign this contract.

The Pixies werent actually going to become actual godparents. Instead, they were going to pretend. Da Rules said nothing about impersonating a fairy godparent.


A contract appeared.

What do godparents do?

Godparents grant the wishes of miserable kids like you, said Bill, Pixies arent the only species of magical creature that godparent. Fairies do too, though they are very choosy. You are miserable, yet they rejected you. They rejected many kids.

Bill then showed her videos of unhappy kids, some of them being kids starving in Africa, some secretly rebellious rich kids, some with other types of unhappiness. All those kids had no godparents, fairy or Pixie, he explained to Tootie. He then showed Norm being assigned to Chester, despite the fact that Chester didnt need infinite wishes to be happy and other miserable kids did. He showed Chester destroying the world with his wishes, with the parts showing his good intentions purposely edited out.

Why do fairies do this?

To make kids happy, said Bill.

Bill then showed Tootie a video of Timmy without his fairies.

They denied Timmy fairies? said Tootie outraged.

Yes, lied Bill, But you can help protect him from Vicky if you sign this contract.

Tootie signed the contract. She hated Vicky and wanted Timmy badly. Protecting him from Vicky would endear her to him and would save them both from Vicky.

All over the Earth, other Pixies did the same thing for other miserable, godparent-less kids. Some were quicker to sign the contract than others.

Stage one of the Pixies plan was complete! Stage two was ready to go into action! Timmy hadn’t stopped them yet.

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Porn Fairly Odd Parents Games

Porn Fairly Odd Parents Games

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Mes Parrain Son Magique Nu

Mes Parrain Son Magique Nu

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Mes Parrain Sont Magic Porno

Mes Parrain Sont Magic Porno

That universe honies get caught in the penetrate craze: it’s the very first time you witness them like that obscene and sexually antsy! Lecherous teenager getting screwed in the throat like she was born to do it and getting butt-screwed with no grace! Another fabulous nymphomaniac from known got those brilliant enormous titties to showcase us and she never rejects any penetrate-prepared trouser snake!

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